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Kimono-silk souvenier Japan

Fine Kimono silk souvenir Japan

Kosode - Miniature Kimono
Kosode, miniature Kimono from Japan

About making Kimono
from Victoria and Albert museum site

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Fine Kimono silk products

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Souvenir from Japan

Kosode, Miniature Kimono and fine silk products

Souvenir Japan, miniature Kimono
Those are made of vintage Japanese Kimono silks. Fine Kimono silks are so heavy and through many complicated dyeing methods, the delicate coulours doesn't change or fade for decades. Pure silk products are all hand-made. Very limited numbers, please contact info@act-flower.com for purchasing.

Kosode - Mini Kimono made of pure Kimono fabric
Mini Kimono 1
Kosode Mini Kimono

Mini Kimono 2


Mini Kimono 3
No pattern on front side.
Simply gorgeous purple.

Mini Kimono 4


Mini Kimono Hanger

Those kimonos are vintage and had been worn.  Please be aware that there are some stains on the fabric. All Kimono are with the wood hanger.
contacting number: +81-42-363-8294
e-mail: info@act-flower.com

Product 1   inside
Passport holder
Sold out
  Inside material is also pure silk
Folded Size: 17cm x 11cm
Weight: 60g-80g
17 pockets
1 big slot for notes or passport
5000JPY/piece before tax